Exhibition January 21-February 11 2017

Just below the surface

With the presentation of the catalogue raisonné of his graphic work

ModenaArteSuCarteSaturday January 21 at 18h
Presentation by Sandro Parmiggiani (Editor of the catalogue, SKIRA)
The artist will be present

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Catalogue raisonné of Luca Leonelli's graphic works

Edited by Sandro Parmiggiani for SKIRA (Milano), the catalogue contains texts by Parmiggiani as wel as Carlo Bertelli and Franco Fanelli, as well as some personal notes.

Read More: Luca Leonelli - Catalogue raisonné (SKIRA Milan, 2017)


Luca Leonelli was born in Modena. Architect of public buildings and spaces, he made his first steps towards the figurative at a very young age by focusing his work on oil painting, watercolours, and engraving.

The body of his work as an engraver consists of about three hunderd plates using all techniques: Etching, drypoint, aquatint and mezzotint; it comprises single sheets of paper, sometimes of large sizes, as well as series of works to develop a theme or accompany editions of poetry, collected in precious art editions and unique books. His first collection of engravings, Naturalia, was presented in 1990. Since then he has presented 14 collections and art editions with original engravings.

CatalogoRagionato SKIRA

Many critics have studied his works and written about him: Franco Basile, Paolo Bellini, Casimiro Bettelli, Carlo Bertelli, Giancarlo Boiani, Mario Cadalora, Giorgio Celli, Claudio Cerritelli, Giorgio Cornia, Philippe Daverio, Raffaele De Grada, Franco Fanelli, Franco Farina, Luciana Frigieri-Leonelli, Michele Fuoco, Sabina Leonelli, Francesco Liverani, Franco Loi, Mario De Micheli, Mattia Moreni, Antonello Negri, Sandro Parmiggiani, Arturo Schwarz, Carlo Federico Teodoro, Ferruccio Veronesi. Over the years he has collaborated with the graphic laboratory ‘San Leonardo’ of Mario Leoni and Deborah Whitman in Bologna, with the ‘Laboratorio d'Arte Grafica’ in Modena, and with the ‘Laboratorio Grafica Uno’ of Giorgio Upiglio in Milano.

Read More: Luca Leonelli - Catalogue raisonné (SKIRA Milan, 2017)